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Research Highlights

Transition Metal Complexes

Our research is centered around synthesis and characterization of transition metals, main group elements and lanthanide compounds for catalytic applications. Our approach involves design and synthesis of novel and tailor made ligand systems which will be able to stabilize the active metal center in catalyses. For example, the pyrrole-based ligands such as 1, 2, and 3 were recently developed by novel synthetic methods for synthesizing several Pd and Ni complexes. The Pd complexes exhibit fluxional behaviour in solution and shown to be an excellent catalyst for Suzuki reactions.

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Schematic representation of the dynamic process of interconversion between the two conformers of the Pd complex in CDCl3 solution.

Anion Receptors

An intense research is going on all over the world to develop effective and selective receptors for anions in aqueous solution. We developed a series of novel pyrrole-based acyclic, cyclic and bicyclic receptors. Some of these receptors are shown to be selective for sulfate ion in aqueous/organic medium and fluoride ion in DMSO in the presence of other competing anions.

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