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Research Highlights

Nano- / Micro-emulsions

Molecular Self-Assemblies

Protein-Surfactant Interactions

Colloidal Drug/Gene Delivery Systems: Polymeric Micelles, Vesicles, Physical Gels

Enantiomeric Separations by Capillary Electrophoresis


Research Activities

A major area of our research is concerned with the self-assemblies (such as micelles, vesicles, physical gels etc.) of synthetic biocompatible surfactants and polymers in both aqueous and non-aqueous media. With a wide range of techniques (fluorescence, UV-visible spectroscopy, rheology, static and dynamic light scattering, light and electron microscopy, etc.), our group is interested in how these self-assembled micro/nano-structures could be used as stimuli-responsive drug/gene delivery system. Furthermore, the group is also interested in unraveling the interactions of these self-assemblies with macromolecules, in particular with transport proteins.

We have a program of research aimed at enantioseparations of drugs, pesticides, and small organic racemates by electrokinetic capillary chromatography (EKC). This technique uses self-assemblies of optically pure surfactant monomers as well as polymers as pseudo-stationary phases. Our group has been able to demonstrate improved selectivity and optical resolution of enantiomers by use of vesicles.


Research Facilities

  • DLS: Spectro SizeTM 300 Nano Biochem Technology
  • Spectrofluorimeter: PerkinElmer LS55 Luminescence Spetrometer
  • Surface Tensiometer: 3S GBX, France
  • Lyophilizer: VaCO 2 Zirbus Technology
  • Weighing Balance: Model CP 225D, Satorious
  • Refractometer: RI-1-4 refractometer, Shodex
  • Rotational Rheometer: Rheolab QC, Anton Paar
  • Rotary Evaporator: Heidolph
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