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Selected Publications
  1. Bratati Pradhan, Suneel Kumar Srivastava, A. Rajakumar, and Anubhav Saxena, Preparation and characterization of exfoliated layered double hydroxide/silicone rubber nanocomposite, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 119(1), 2011, 343-353.

  2. Sarifuddin Gazi, Rajakumar Ananthakrishnan, N.D. Pradeep Singh, Photodegradation of organic dyes in the presence of [Fe(III)-salen]Cl complex and H2O2 under visible light irradiation,  Journal of Hazardous Materials,  183, 2010, 894-901.

  3. Sanghamitra, A, Avijit Jana, Rajakumar Ananthakrishnan, and Pradeep Singh N.D,  Fluorescent Caged Compounds of 2,4-Dichloro phenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D): Photorelease Technology for Controlled Release of 2,4-D, Journal of  Agricultural Food Chemistry, 58 (22), 2010, 11844–11851.

  4. S. S. Naik, M. Thamban, A. Rajakumar, W. D’Souza, C. M. Laluraj and A. Chaturvedi, Influence of climatic teleconnections on the temporal isotopic variability as recorded in a firn core from the coastal Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica,  Journal of Earth System Science,119 (1), 2010, 41–49.

  5. N. Kannan and A. Rajakumar, Studies on the removal of metal ions by adsorption onto coconut shell and commercial activated carbons, Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, 29(6), 2009, 533-538.

  6. A. Rajakumar, R. Alagarsamy, N. Khare, R. Saraswat and M.M. Subramanium, An assessment of chemical characteristics of the water masses in the southern Ocean water column”,  Indian Journal of Marine Science, 37(4), 2008, 424-429   (Special Issue on: Antarctic & Southern Ocean – Geoscientific & Biological Studies” -released under the auspicious of International Polar Year 2008).

  7. Rahul  Mohan, Lina P. Mergulhao, M. V. S. Guptha,  A. Rajakumar, M. Thamban, N. Anil Kumar, M. Sudhakar, “Coccolithophore production during the austral summer of January - March 2004, in the Indian sector of Southern Ocean”, Marine Micropaleontology, 67,  2008, 30-45.

  8. R. Saraswat, N. Khare, S. K. Chaturvedi and A. Rajakumar, “Sea-water pH and planktic foraminiferal abundance: Preliminary observations from the western Indian Ocean”, Current Science, 93 (12) 2007, 703-706.  

  9. M. Thamban, A. Chaturvedi, A. Rajakumar, S. Naik, W.D’Souza, S. Rajan and Ravindra,“Aerosol perturbations related to volcanic eruptions during the past few centuries as recorded in an ice core from the Central Dronning Maud Land,
    Antarctica”, Current  Science, 91(9), 2006, 1200-1207.

  10. M. Thamban, S. S.  Naik,  R. Mohan, A.  Rajakumar, N. Basavaiah, Witty  D’  Souza, Sarita Kerkar, M. M. Subramaniam, M. Sudhakar,  and P. C. Pandey,  “Changes in  the source and supply of terrigenous input to the Indian Sector of Southern Ocean during late quaternary  and  its palaeoceanographic  implications”,  Journal  of  Earth  System and Science, 114 (5), 2005, 443-452.

  11. N. Kannan, A. Rajakumar, and  G. Rengasamy, “Optimisation of process parameters for the adsorption of metal ions on straw carbon by using response surface methodology,” Environmental Technology, 25(5),  2004, 513-522.

  12. N. Kannan and A. Rajakumar, “Suitability of various Indigenously Prepared Activated carbons for the adsorption of mercury(II)”, Toxicol. Environ. Chemistry, 4(1-2), 2003, 7-19. (Listed as Top Ten downloaded  papers).

  13. M. Chandran and A. Rajakumar, “Morbidity and mortality among quarry and stone crusher workers of Madurai South Taluka”, Nature, Environment and Pollution Technology, 1(2), 2002, 217-220.

  14. N. Kannan and A. Rajakumar, “Comparative study of removal of Lead(II) by adsorption on various carbons”, Fresenius Environmental  Bulletin,11(3),  2002, 160 –164.

  15. N. Kannan and A. Rajakumar, “Studies on the removal of Lead(II) ions by  adsorption on indigenously prepared carbons”, Journal of Environmental Studies & Policy, 4(2), 2001, 75-89.


Article appeared in Books :

  1. N. Kannan and A. Rajakumar, “Adsorption Technique for the Removal of Mercury from Aqueous  Solution” in: ‘Analytical Techniques in Monitoring Environment’, Prof. S. Jayarama Reddy (Ed.), B.S. Publications, ISBN:81-7800- 026-1 , 2002, pp 310-313.

  2. N. Kannan and A. Rajakumar, ‘Solid Waste Management II: Use of Agricultural Wastes for the     Production of Activated Carbons for Wastewater Treatment’, “Solid Waste Management – Current  Status and Strategies for Future Research”, Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd, R.K. Someshekar & M.A.R. Iyengar (Eds.), 2002, pp 165-166.

  3. Naik, S. S, Thamban, M., Chaturvedi, A , D’ Souza, W, Rajakumar, A.,  Redkar, B., and  Ravindra, R. Measurement of δ18O in waters by Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry:  Results from an Antarctic Ice Core,  Proceedings of “12th ISMAS Symposium-cum-Workshop on Mass Spectrometry”, Cidade de  Goa, Dona  Paula, Goa, 2007, CP-4.

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