Our Research

Raj's group is working on cutting-edge highly interdisciplinary area, addressing the problems of electrochemical interest, from fundamental studies of electrochemical energy conversion and storage to electrocatalytic and bioelectrocatalytic sensing. Design and development of novel functional materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage and bioelectrocatalytic applications are some of the targets.

Electrocatalysis - Fuel Cell: Electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen, oxidation of formic acid and methanol

Metal-air and Metal-ion Batteries: Rechargeable Zn-air, Li/Na-air, Zn-ion batteries

Supercapacitor: Asymmetric and hybrid supercapacitor, electrolyte for supercapacitor

Water Splitting: Hydrogen and oxygen evolution, oxidative upgrading of biorefineries

Amperometric Sensing: Sensing and biosensing of clinical analytes and water contaminants