About our Department

The Department of Chemistry in IIT Kharagpur, the brainchild of Sir J. C. Ghosh, a pioneering chemist and the first director of the institute, was started in 1951. The department hosts about 32 faculty members engaged in frontier research embracing both basic and applied areas of chemistry. About 170 young research scholars are currently pursuing their doctoral studies in the department. The department offers Integrated MSc (through IIT JEE) and Joint MSc PhD (through JAM) programs. Equipped with state-of-the art experimental and computational facilities, the department is engaged in several national and international collaborations with different academic and research institutions as well as industries. On the occasion of the International year of Chemistry (2011) the department was recognized as one of the six best Chemistry departments of the nation by the Department of Science and Technology, India. The faculty members of the department have received many laurels and fellowships, such as, J. C. Bose National Fellowship, CRSI silver and bronze medals, FTWAS, FNA, FASc, FNASc, Ramanujan Fellowship, INSPIRE Faculty award, etc.