Prof. Joykrishna Dey

Prof. Joykrishna Dey is the Head of the Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur.

From the Desk of the Head
Welcome to the official webpage of the Department of Chemistry at IIT Kharagpur. Renowned as one of the premier Chemistry departments in India, our department provides a vibrant research and teaching environment, state-of-the-art laboratories, and excellent career development guidance.
Our department aims to attract the finest scholars from India for both our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For aspiring young minds seeking advanced education in Chemistry, our department presents itself as the perfect place for them. We focus on curiosity-driven research, along with several research clusters dedicated to addressing challenges of immediate significance to society and industry. The commitment to excellence in teaching and research of our esteemed faculty members has helped the students who graduated from this place to achieve prestigious positions in both academia and industry.
Equipped with cutting-edge research facilities and efficient management, our faculty members are also engaged in productive international collaborations with leading experts of the field. The dedication of our department and our faculty members towards research and teaching have been recognized by several organizations, such as, DST, CRSI, CSIR, INSA, NASI, IAS, to name a few. Furthermore, our faculty members are involved in outreach initiatives that benefit bright young minds with a passion for science. Our supportive technical and administrative staff members contribute significantly to our endeavours.
While we recognize the importance of work, we also understand the value of balance. In addition to regular academic pursuits, we enthusiastically engage in cultural events, festivals, friendly faculty-student matches, picnics, etc.
As the head of the department, I extend a warm invitation to bright young talents who can contribute to our department as faculty members, students, or postdoctoral researchers. Your interest in our department will be highly appreciated, and I eagerly anticipate your insights and suggestions as we strive to reach new levels of excellence.

With warm regards,
Prof. Joykrishna Dey
Head, Department of Chemistry,
IIT Kharagpur

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