Prof. Debashis Ray

Prof. Debashis Ray is the Head of the Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur.

From the Desk of the Head
Welcome to the Department of Chemistry in IIT Kharagpur. This department is one of the leading Chemistry departments of the country. With dedicated faculty members, modern laboratories, inter-disciplinary courses, vibrant research environment, ample opportunity for hands-on research experience, access to emerging areas such as intellectual property law, entrepreneurship, and career development counseling, this department is an ideal place for young minds to pursue their higher education in Chemistry. Our commitment to excellence in teaching and research has helped the students graduated from this place achieve distinction in academia and industry. With the state-of-the-art research facilities and efficient administration, our faculty members have participated in several fruitful international collaborations with leading international experts in academia and industry. The dedication of our department and our faculty members towards research and teaching have been recognized by several organizations, such as, DST, CRSI, CSIR, INSA, NASI, IAS, etc. We appreciate your interest in our department and look forward to hear your suggestions to take this department to newer heights.
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