Prof. Biswarup Jash

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C1-183; Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur-721302


2009-2012        B.Sc. in Chemistry; Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous); Narendrapur, Kolkata. 

2012-2014        M.Sc. in Chemistry; Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. 

2014-2018        Ph.D. Student; University of Münster, Germany/ Ph.D. thesis title: “1H-Imidazo[4,5-f][1,10]phenanthroline as a ligand in metal-modified nucleic acids”. Supervisor: Dr. Jens Müller.


Mar 2022-Present         Assistant Professor; Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. 

Feb 2021-Mar 2022      Postdoctoral Researcher; Stanford University, USA. Supervisor: Dr. Eric T Kool.

Aug 2018-Sept 2020     Postdoctoral Researcher; University of Stuttgart, Germany. Supervisor: Dr. Dr. Clemens Richert.

Feb 2018-June 2018      Postdoctoral Researcher; WWU Münster, Germany. Supervisor: Dr. Jens Müller.


Research Statement

As chemists, we are intensely interested in the field of nucleic acid, and value in-depth investigation of the subject and its challenges. 

We primarily focus on two topics.

G-quadruplex nucleic acid
Prebiotic chemistry

All projects typically require the involvement of synthetic organic chemistry, coordination chemistry, and nucleic acid chemistry.

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Role of metal ions in the synthesis of the early form of biomolecules
Client :   SRIC-IIT Kgp
Consultant :   Biswarup Jash
Co-Consultant(s) :   

Route to find out the primitive form of enzymes and their functions in the early biochemical reactions
Client :   SRG-SERB
Consultant :   Biswarup Jash
Co-Consultant(s) :   

Awards and Recognition

  1) INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship 2019

by Department of Science and Technology, India

  2) PhD Fellowship; Muenster, Germany, 2014

Issued by International Graduate School of Chemistry, Muenster, Germany

  3) INSPIRE Fellowship from 2009-2014

Issued by Deapartment of Science and Technology

  4) P. C. Rakshit award for outstanding all-round performance

Awarded by Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, Kolkata

  5) D. K. Mitra award for securing 1st position in Chemistry Honors

Awarded by Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, Kolkata

  6) Important Entrance Test Qualified

JAM Exam, 2012 (AIR 5); CSIR-NET Exam for JRF, 2013 (AIR 29); GATE Exam, 2014

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Research Area

Group Members

  Debarati Bhattacharya
Topic: G-quadruplex nucleic acid

  Manick Mistri
Topic: Prebiotic Chemistry

  Nirmal Pal
Topic: Prebiotic Chemistry

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