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Room No. 704, 7th Floor, JCG-PCR Building, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur-721302, WB, INDIA


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2007 – 2012: Ph. D. (Integrated), Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore.

2004–2007: M.S. (Integrated Ph. D.) Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India.

2001–2004: B.Sc. Chemistry Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India


Aug'18 - Present: Assistant Professor Grade I, IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India

2018 - 2018: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Bristol, UK

2016 - 2018: Newton International Fellow, University of Bristol, UK

2013 - 2015: JSPS Fellow, Institute of Microbial Chemistry, Tokyo, Japan.

2009: Short-term Exchange Researcher, University of Paris–11

Research Statement

Our main focus is on Organic Synthesis, developing new approaches to molecular skeletons and building complexity rapidly, yet selectively. We develop such transformations catalyzed by metal salts and organocatalysts in our laboratory to achieve the above goals. Our interests include element-element coupling/addition reactions (element being -B, -Si, -F, -C, -N, -X etc.), Redox chemistry involving radicals and so on.

Organo- and Metal-Catalyzed Introduction of Main Group Functionalities & their Reactivity

We are interested in the introduction of Main group functionalities that are seemingly challenging on various systems. We employ transition-metal and organocatalysts to achieve such transformations.

Transition Metal Catalysis

The approach to complex molecular skeletons has transformed with a growing arsenal of efficient synthetic methodologies. Metals play an important role in this due to their diverse reactivity at their various oxidation states. Our group will focus on developing new, interesting multifunctionalization reactions utilizing this diversity. Some of the major areas that we currently focus on are:

1. Catalysis with Reactive Intermediates like Arynes etc. (Funded by ECRA, SERB)
2. Tandem Catalysis (Funded by Ramanujan Fellowship)
3. Hydrogen-Borrowing Catalysis
4. Metal-Mediated Introduction of Main Group Functionalities (Funded by IIT KGP Startup Grant)


Radical - Photoredox Catalysis

We are interested in intercepting our metal-catalyzed reactions with radicals. We are also developing solely radical-mediated transformation without the assistance of a metal. More updates to follow...

Asymmetric Synthesis

More updates to follow...


ISIRD-IIT KGP Startup Grant
Client :   IIT KGP
Consultant :   Ganesh Venkataraman
Co-Consultant(s) :   

Early Career Research Award 2019-22
Client :   SERB, DST
Consultant :   Ganesh Venkataraman
Co-Consultant(s) :   

Ramanujan Fellowship
Client :   SERB, DST
Consultant :   Ganesh Venkataraman
Co-Consultant(s) :   

Awards and Recognition

  1) Academic Excellence Award (B. Sc.)

  2) Bharathidasan University – Rank Holder

  3) Junior Research Fellowship – CSIR (2007)

  4) Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship – CSIR-SPM (2008-12)

  5) JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Japanese Science and Technology (2013-15)

  6) Newton International Fellowship - The Royal Society, London UK (2016-18)

  7) Ramanujan Fellowship (2018-2023)

  8) Vishnu Ji Ram Memorial Award

  • Vishnu Ji Ram Memorial Award for Best Shotgun Presentation - 27th ISCB Conference at BIT Mesra, Ranchi -18th-Nov-2022

Courses Taught

  Basic Organic Chemistry Laboratory Course for B. Tech. Students (2018-Present) (CY19001)

  Basic Organic Chemistry Course for B. Tech. Students. (Prep. Theory) (Spring 2018) (CY00001)

  Strategies and Methods in Organic synthesis (Spring 2018) (CY31010)

  Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (Autumn 2019) (CY39003)

  General Chemistry (Autumn 2019 - Present) (CY11001)

  Spectroscopic Methods of Structure Determination (Autumn 2019) (CY51003)


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Research Area

1) Transition Metal Mediated Coupling Reactions - A Multifunctionalization Approach
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2) Organoboron Chemistry
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3) Radical Chemistry
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Group Members

  Aankhi Khamrai
Topic: Organic Chemistry
Email: aankhikhamrai@gmail.com

  Anirudhha Das
Topic: Benzyne Chemistry
Email: aniruddha123@kgpian.iitkgp.ac.in

  Krishna Biswas
Topic: Racemic and Enantioselective Borylation Reactions
Email: krishnabiswasbidya@gmail.com

  Rajesh Chakraborty
Topic: Organoboron Chemistry
Email: rajeshchakrabortty159@iitkgp.ac.in

  Shailendra Kumar
Topic: Organoboron Chemistry
Email: shailendrashc1999@kgpian.iitkgp.ac.in

  Sourav Mondal
Topic: Transition Metal Catalyzed Tandem C-C and C-X bond Forming Reactions
Email: smwelcomes@chem.iitkgp.ac.in

  Sudipta Ghosh
Topic: Transition Metal Catalyzed Multifunctionalizations
Email: gsudipta135@gmail.com

  Suman Ghosh
Topic: Racemic and Enantioselective Borylation Reactions
Email: ghoshsuman461@gmail.com

  Tamal Ballav
Topic: Benzyne Chemistry
Email: tamalballav@iitkgp.ac.in

Group Alumni