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C1-122, IIT Campus, Kharagpur - 721302, West Bengal

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Our research focuses on synthesis, and structural characterization of judicially designed novel Main Group and Transition Metal Organometallic compounds, and exploring their catalytic and sensor properties. To this end, our initial efforts led to publish quite a few novel pyrrole-based PNP-, NNN-pincer type and other multidentate sigma and pi-donor ligand systems. Remarkably, some of these ligands were conveniently synthesized by simple and very high yield methods, which opened an arena yet to be developed like the Chemistry of Scorpionate ligand system. We currently develop ambiphilic ligands containing both electron donor (L-type) and acceptor (Z-type) atoms. Some of the late transition metal complexes bearing these ligands are structurally interesting and proven to be efficient catalysts for the Suzuki cross coupling in water and other catalysis reactions.

Through our research activity, students develop skills not only in unique Schlenk line synthetic and separation techniques, but also get familiar with modern characterization techniques such as multinuclear NMR and single crystal X-ray diffraction methods. In addition, we use FTIR, HRMS, UV-vis, GC-MS, and CHN analysis methods for our study.


Trivalent and divalent lanthanide complexes bearing macro-cyclic ligands for activation of CO2 and catalyes
Client :    DST
Consultant :   Ganesan Mani
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Group 10 Metal Complexes Bearing New NNN-Pincer Ligands for C-C Coupling Reactions
Client :   CSIR
Consultant :   Prof. G. Mani
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Client :   Reliance Industry Limited
Consultant :   Ganesan Mani
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1) Organometallics
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2) Main Group Chemistry
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